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Dining Room

All homes need an elegant dining table

Dining tables bring your family together every day. So investing in a beautiful table can only make your family moments more precious. Aprodz offers stylish and well-crafted dining tables for all homes. Our tables are handcrafted beauties made from premium quality of wood like sheesham, teak and mango. Here you will find all kinds of styles, like vintage, classic, industrial and chic. Apart from that, designs are minimalistic, while some are exquisitely carved. There are beautiful shapes as well –round, oval, square, rectangle or other geometric shapes. Also, we offer dining tables of all sizes. For small families, there are dining tables for four. On the other hand for larger dining halls there longer tables accommodating more than six people. Moreover, if you are living alone or a couple, you can go for small and cozy round tables. So pick up the one you like!

Plan a dinner party with beautiful dining table sets

If you love to host dinner parties, our larger dining sets are the one you need! But if you are planning a quiet romantic dinner with your significant other, we have small dining sets for two! Aprodz offers beautiful dining sets – an ensemble comprising of a beautiful table and matching chairs. We offer 2 seater dining sets with cosy chairs to have the perfect one to one! However, for the host in you, we offer large 8 seater dining sets in all their magnificence! Moreover, you will find 4 seater dining sets and 6 seater dining sets to adorn your dining hall. The ensembles we offer are made from premium quality of wood. The sets may come with all chairs or benches and chairs. You can also choose to customise the one you like. So, get ready to leave your guests awestruck with the gorgeous new dining set!

Beautiful wooden chairs and benches complete your dining room

Chairs are one of the most important furniture in each home, especially in the dining room. If you have already chosen a dining table for your home, check out the beautiful dining chairs by Aprodz. The wooden dining chairs are sturdy and comfortable. They are made from the best wood and easy to maintain. Here you will find upholstered chairs, classic four-legged designs and even modern off-beat designs. You can customise them to match your dining table. Apart from chairs, we also offer stylish benches, keeping up with the changing choices of customers. The dining benches work great for indoor dining tables and outdoor ones. They are stylish, extremely comfortable and may come with storage. Hence, they are quite space-saving too! So, whether you want chairs or benches to go with your dining table trust Aprodz to cater to your need.

Stylish bar stools for your home bar


Having a home bar is never complete without the right bar stools. You can place them by the kitchen counter or the bar counter. The bar stools should be of perfect height and comfortable enough to sit. They should also look aesthetic and be sturdy enough. So, Aprodz presents stylish bar stools for domestic and commercial purposes. Here we have all styles and designs. So you will find high backed, low backed, backless and upholstered bar stools. The stools are made from strong and best quality of wood. Most of the stools come with a foot-rest as well. Also, the upholstered bar stools are made from the best fabric or leatherette. Also, we offer to customize according to your requirement. So, now you can enjoy your drink the proper way!


Exquisite bar cabinets for domestic and commercial purpose


Do you want to store your wine properly and also want to flaunt stylish new furniture? Then you are in the right place! Aprodz offers elegant bar cabinets for home and businesses. The wooden bar cabinets come in various designs and sizes. You should pick one depending on the size of your room, type of wine you wish to store and usage. If you want a concealed cabinet, pick up one with doors. But, if you want people to see and praise your expensive liquor collection, go for open cabinets. Our bar cabinets are made from high quality of timber. The rich wooden finish will look majestic in your home or pub. We also have many unconventional designs to appeal to your quirkier sides! Check out some bar cabinets made from reclaimed wood, having a rustic worn-out appearance.


Manage kitchen storage with ergonomic cabinets


Storage needs for the kitchen may seem never-ending. However, investing in stylishly designed kitchen cabinets can get rid of your troubles. Aprodz offers elegant wooden kitchen cabinets for kitchens of all sizes. The ergonomic cabinets with glass doors will let you show off your dinnerware, china sets and lovely glassware. Moreover, storage is easier with well-made shelves and transparent doors. You can also find kitchen cabinets with drawers that are convenient to use. If you are worried about the cabinet occupying a lot of space, you can choose tall cabinets for narrow spaces. Furthermore, if you love unconventional décor, find our kitchen cabinets made from reclaimed wood. These cabinets have a worn out, rustic appeal. On the other hand, if you love classic designs, you will love our traditional designs. So, be smarter and manage kitchen storage with these beautiful cabinets now.


Sideboards – the perfect utility furniture

Sideboards are the perfect utility furniture for a dining room. They can store utensils, food, and dinnerware and also work as a serving counter. If you are looking for a sideboard for your home, check out Aprodz’s beautiful collection. The wooden sideboards that you will find here are ergonomic and made from the best quality of wood. You will find long sideboards with spacious tops for bigger rooms. There are also smaller, compact designs with drawers and doors for smaller homes and apartments. Moreover, apart from using the top as a serving counter, you can decorate it with vases, lamps and photographs. Thus, a sideboard will not only serve a very useful purpose, but it will contribute to your home décor also. Though most homeowners place sideboards in their dining rooms, you can place them in other corners of your home as well.